Are International Background Checks only done by countries?

International Background Checks

International Background Checks

International Background Checks

Not too long ago, international background checks were only done by countries who were hiring international workers or to locate people who committed international crimes. Today, international background checks are done for many more personal reasons and they aren’t that rare anymore.

Because of the global nature of our world today, those that are involved with people who have an international background can and should be checked out. International background checks, just like domestic searches, can help keep your family safe and ensure that your business does not lose money.

When searching for a company who performs international background checks, you have to look for a few important facts about that company. You need to ask them if they:

• Use release forms in a multiple of different languages
• Do they have a working knowledge of many different country’s contacts for education, employment and criminal searches
• Can they convert your pay to local currency for the country you need to do the search in
• Do they deal with the National Qualifications Register which is an international education database

International background checks companies should be able to search all of North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Unfortunately, many companies who do international background checks do not investigate in New Zealand or Australia. But I’m sure that will happen shortly as well.

Moreover, when searching for a company that does international background checks, you want to be sure that they can translate into your language the report that they obtain. Also, make sure that the company has been certified by the United States Department of Commerce as Safe Harbor-compliant. What that means is that the international background checks company meets the privacy protection standards which are so important for you and the person you are investigating.

Just as with other searches, international background checks can provide the following information:

• Information from current and former employers
• Dates of employment
• Education
• Criminal convictions
• Sex offender status

Of course, when dealing with international background checks, you must be sure of the company you are working with, but also understand that the search will take longer than a domestic one. Finally, when investigating a company who does international background checks, make sure that they offer a guarantee that they can in fact, give you the results that you need.

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